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304 stainless steel market, the performance of a stable price floating little
Wuxi Gangfengte Metal Products Co., Ltd  Createdate:2017/3/28 23:39:24 Click:66

Yesterday afternoon market rumors Qingshan 304 hot rolling the second cut price to 14100, but verified by this network for misinterpretation, today's Castle Peak 304 hot rolled base price is still maintained at 14,300 yuan / ton price.

You can see, the current market is like a frightened, a slight sign of trouble, will be all the troops, due to yesterday afternoon, the East second cut 304 hot-rolled prices to 14,200 yuan / ton, many people down to the price of Castle Peak believe that the market hot rolling prices Serious, the price dropped significantly.

Today, 304 hot-rolled mainstream base price has been dropping to 14,000 yuan / ton, steel prices have a stable price, but helpless powerless.

304 hot and cold with the price, cold rolled to white cabbage price!

Cold rolling, the private cold-rolled thin material prices continue to continue today, 304-based base price even appeared with the price, offer are 14,100 yuan / ton burr price reported, cold rolling market competition is evident.

There are private barring steel mill personnel, said the current steel mills have no production of cold rolling power, the production of one ton is to increase the company's losses.

TISCO daily settlement price is also under the pressure of the market price down, today there has been a substantial downward action, the 304 cold-rolled down 300 yuan / ton, went to 15,300 yuan / ton, hot rolling down 500 yuan / ton, went to 15000 Yuan / ton. You can see the cold rolling difference has been reduced to 300 yuan / ton, cold rolling oversold situation more serious.

Oversupply contradiction is difficult to ease the short term

As the whole March market turnover is lackluster, steel mills in the years after the concentration of resources, the market oversupply intensified, while the stainless steel prices fell too fast, but also makes the downstream procurement wait and see attitude increased. At the end of the funds and shipping pressure, the current market mentality is more pessimistic, the price trend is expected to change this week.